Hum Aur Tum...

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AbOuT mE!!!


hiii  every1 this is myself  Ravi Verma, I am from Mumbai. I have finished my academic studies,  the proffessional qualification I did is a Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science, a Merchant Navy course from U.K. Telling about myself is a bit difficult task because this thing should be judged by others, even if i will tell anything some of them will believe and some of them will not.. but few things which i know about myself i would like to share...


                              I am a simple down to earth guy full of fun but fun doesn’t means drinking or flirting, I have my own meanings and a different sort of thinking. I always kept myself away from studies. I just study a day before exams and pass. I hate books related to academic studies but am very fond of reading magazines, books related to ethical hacking, real life stories. The rest all time I am always busy listening to songs. Music is my life it makes me happy. I talk too much I just need the topic. I think m good in cracking jokes and doing gossips. My friends use to call me as RADIO because once I  start talking I dont stop until I am completly exhausted lolzz. My ambition was to join Merchant Navy and which I could achieve because of god’s grace so very thankfull to god. I hate people having attitudes and those who are raceist. I love taking part on relay and sprint races, like roaming, doing shopping and am damn crazy for stuffs related to facial, hair and latest fashion trends…


                From childhood only I always kept myself away from girls, always avoided talking to girls. The most important reason behind this was my unique philosophy. I dint even think of being friend with girls because there is no assurance that I won’t fall for them lolzzz. Afterall " dil to baccha hai ". My  thinking was I should not talk to girls and mix with them because I don’t wanna fall in love and relation matters which would hurt me and would hurt her if she is serious with me. It would be easy for some of them who think love as a game and play with feelings of others but I don’t  think am so bold enough to do so. I never want to hurt anyone and play with someone’s feeling, and thinks it’s of no use having several girl friends but atlast gonna marry with only one so what’s the use of ditching others. This was the only reason for not mixing with girls and avoiding them.


                      I know many of them will laugh and think about me as a silly guy but that’s the fact of me and don’t feel shy telling this. But a time came when I have to update about my thinking even I want someone  in my life who will take care of me, understands me and is upto my expectations and the person I can share  each and everything of my life. Hope I could find the dream girl lolzz. I know it all seems to be strange that I am talking of mixing with girls but what to do even, I am a human and its human tendency that they gets attracted towards opposite sex, so the same case with me too hahaha…

        But off course I want only 1 and still will not go completely against my philosophy.  I still don’t  think of ditching anyone. People said me, u should change your thinking and live life for fun and avoid thinking too much... but I can never understand  the meaning of fun. Does fun means playing with someone’s  life, flirting bla bla. If this is the meaning of fun then I won’t claim myself to be a fun loving guy. It’s very simple to hurt anyone, to flirt with someone is not a difficult  task, anyone can be the master of that but the thing is I don’t  wanna do that just for the sake people should call me as  cool dude. For me   I have my own meanings, thinking and have good respect for girls bcoz they are the one who are the victims in the society, ill treated and have to suffer a lot even though they are innocent.


        The word girl has a meaning G- Great I- In R- Real  L- Life. They really deserve happiness and love. So for the guys who take this just as fun do think upon this. To understand a woman its difficult but if you understand them then we will see the people with no more heart breaks, no sorrows, no tears, no fighting’s because you will realise that a woman is just a miracle. Think, have told enough about me and my thinking. Anyways few more things which matters me is about my family and my friends. Anything for them!!. I try to remain chill but if something really goes over my head then can’t say..... Even I myself don’t know what I can do then. Frankly speaking don’t bare anyone. I love eating fast food a lot. Hope have told enough about myself and there are few more things which I don’t wanna say as they are quite personal and which I have shared only with my diary lolzz:-)


                  So the best thing to know about me is by being my friend and you can yourself experience me because don’t think words are really enough, as some of them don't believe in words they believe on actions. " Action Speaks Louder Than Words " So better try me lolzz...

A small message which I want to

     convey to everyone before they judge me!!! 


Don't judge me by what you see, like my religion or my race,

There’s so much more beyond my face,

Don’t judge me by what I wear, how I do my hair and such

Because to me and those things don’t even matter that much.

So if you were to get know me, maybe you will like what's   inside, even though u cannot see.


The fear and pain that I hide,

It's what you learn about me. That really does matter because when your whole world shatters, you have a friend to turn to, and that friend will be me...

Who will support u even though u might have hurted me or befriended.


So yaar just think twice before you judge about me because sometimes words are really more painfull and can make the life hell within no minutes. That was all about me. Anyways take care everyone