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Gulzz- A Topic Which Every Guy Likes To Talk About :-)

                                                  Hiiii friends! today i just want to tell you all about a girl/woman, my heart forced me to convey my message to the world because it is  a girl who is facing all the difficulties and ill treated in the society. Watever i am saying is not one sided, so focus on what i say and may be you will find it worth. A woman has a varying role in the society and the human life evolves around the woman, though the world is said to be the man's world its a woman who     is holding it firmly. In fact the famous proverb says "behind every successfull man, there is a woman". Simply girls mean:

 G- GREAT I- IN R- REAL L- LIFE and its quite true. It's not like that i am  speaking one-sided guys just think.... why there is always girls who have to suffer in the society?  they can't even roam outside freely, the fear of molesting, rape, teasing etc with them just because they are innocent or just beacuse of the old ancient belief that they are not stronger than man and have no right to do things like the man do. women seem to suffer a lot in their lives, especially in countries which are developing or non developed just because of sex discrimination.

But few things even i want all girls to know about their thinking towards guys. It's not that all boys are alike selfish, hurting, mean etc it just varies from person to person so don't judge anyone by what you see, If you wanna judge them then judge by what's inside their heart. The outer beauty is of no use. So before you say anything to any one just make sure you know it v well about it beacuse sometimes words really hurt like hell and the same thing with guyss too.





     Girls, a topic which each and every guy likes to discuss but there are few mysteries  which can never be revealed, yet some of the facts are:


1. The first thing which you would notice that the girls are actually not

    what they pretend to be, sometimes  they pretend to be rude and

    dis-hearted but they are actually not. It's just because to show

    others they are rude so that no one can take advantage of them.

2. Girls are highly unpredictable towards their behaviour no one knows

    what's going in their mind.

3. It has been scientifically prooved that girls are more mature then

    boys of the same age.

4. Gossiping is one of the best time pass for them, they love doing it.

5. The Cleanliness is one thing that you can mark when a girl is around.

    It can be seen in almost all of them.

6. The caring attitude is found more in them than guys and it can be

    well seen if any one close to them is ill or suffering from any


7. No matter how quiet a girl apperas to be but there are many things

    going on her mind lol

8. Girls absolutely hate when they are lied to whether its regarding

    their appearance, your compatability,your girl friend or whatever.

9. Get used to apologizing, because whether you did something wrong

    or not, you will always be the one apologizing. Girls love that, and

    they cannot stand guys who do not know how to apologize.

    so guys don't waste time start practicing it infront of mirror :))

    afterall "pyaar he sab kuch hai"..... so saying sorry  is not a big deal.

10.Girls love if their guy holds hand and display affection towards




  To Understand A  Woman?


It's difficult to understand a woman        

To understand her,you need to spend your life time,

To understand her,you need to talk with her

But still,it will be difficult for you to understand her                                        


The best part of the woman, is to love her

Her love will make you cry

It will make you sorrow....

Even feeling the pain, inside your heart

You will never want to say good-bye to her


Hold her hands and look at her face

You can see seven wonders in front of you

Walk with a woman and watch her smile

And you can hear thousand tunes in your heart.


Get caught in the trap of her eyes

Get breathe in the fragrance of her hair

And get mad, if she looks back at you

Then you will know what a woman is all about


If you love her, never say "I Love You"

Because she will hate you

If you really want to show care

Never say it in words, because

True words are not enough for them


Your feelings and emotions

Your happiness and joy

Your motivation and attitude

Will have meaning, If she is with you


If we understand her truly and if we look at the world

We will see the people with no heartbreaks, no sorrows

No tears and no fightings because, you will,

Understand that woman is just, a miracle.


        This is one of the biggest fact that girls are just a miracle, they are good in each and every field, and whatever they do they do with their heart and soul. So a small message to all guys that never say

any girl that you love her if you really don't mean it and doing it just for time pass. If it is, then don't do this because time pass is done by the non-living things not by the humans. A heart is something which once broken can never be fixed. So always be loyal to the person you love and never hurt anyone and play with their feelings. People say a broken heart gets mended when time passes but there's always some corner in the heart which will make you remember of the past. Girls are really a gift to we humans mostly (male) who can make our life like heaven  and they are around us somewhere in a role of mother, sister, daughter, girl friend..... So promise to be som1 in life for whom their happiness matters the most and never ever do anything which bring tears in their eyes.


         Even the same thing comply with girls too. Even you too also try to understand the feeling of boys. All of them are not same, everyone has a different way of thinking and reacting wether it is a girl or guy. Just because of few of them all others cannot be classified under the same category.Afterall boys too have heart even they too feel hurted, rejection and break up matters to them too

but sometimes they don't wanna show it and for some it's just a loss of a game nothing more then that. As I have said it before too it all depends on the type of person he/she is. It's not always that a guy is wrong and that a girl is right.


      Friends even I am like you all a simple human being and have said whatever I felt and came up in my mind, I am not a philosopher but  whatever I have said really matters. So friend enjoy your life and hope success for every true lover.