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love ur site...

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Quotes Hello every one, I think the information provided on this website takes you in the another world the world which is created by only two peoples, who are willing to stay with other until there last breath. I think the concept HumOrTum ie. I and you is a really good concept because before loving to any mate you first understand what love is. And I think this website provides all that information that are needed to know before falling in love. Good website by ravi... hat's off dud.. waiting for instant updates... Quotes
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Quotes Hy! guys I am ravi's best friend sid. Wel ravi is a nice guy with nice thoughts he always says something which makes a pearson bound to laugh. He always takes care of his near ones, mean both friends and relators. Today we are best friend because we know each other very wel. Ravi's best quality is . . . . nothhhhhhingggg which i can describe in words... . . . . lolz Well I will just say make him as a friend of you, and then you will know how he is. I will like to say, ravi btw site bahot masta banaye hey. Quotes
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