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Title:- It Vanished All Of A Sudden...


Doesn't life amaze you at times. There are times

 when you have to write your own love story. The love which meant everything to me vanished

all of  sudden. The love which was mine and I

never knew that it never belonged to me….I still

remember that night when we broke up.  Everything was queer. We talked normally everything  was moving smoothly then suddenly

he realized that it’s time to break up. It’s time to consider someone else, it’s time to forget the past. Things were not easy for me to accept such a tragic reality but he left no choice for me. We met through a common friend and fell in love.

I took my own time  before considering him as my soul mate. We used to fight a lot on each and everything. There was love beyond which I couldn’t see anything. He was lovable and I fell in love with him unconditionally and irrevocably. 

I went to meet him at his place. He came to pick

me up. I left from home at night and didn’t inform

anyone at home. It was a new year’s eve. People

around me were so busy in wishing their loved ones a very Happy & Prosperous Year while I was

thinking about Him only. I didn’t know what will

happen when we come across face to face.

We were going to meet for the first time in life.

Finally, I reached at his place. He was standing in

front of me and I was so amazed to meet him.
We talked about our life, dreams and love.

My love wasn’t enough to make him realize that I

would be broken without him. I didn’t utter a word to show him my weakness. I was shattered and disappointed. On that day, I realized that I’m alive,still breathing but something has died inside of me forever. It was nothing but Love. My love for myself died inside of me. I didn’t have courage to love someone in the same way like I loved him. My love was so pure and clean.

My love was above selfishness and foolishness.

I loved him from the depth of my heart. He was looking damn cute. He was there to support through thick and thin times of my life. Why did he step back? Why didn’t he think about me? I cried for him for more than two years. He didn’t come back. He was gone forever. We tried to be in touch. One fine day, he told me that he’s getting married. Once again, I died.I was broken. I was lost. I was feeling blue.I cannot deny that I still love him. It’s been a long time of three years but it feels like as if I have seen him yesterday only. I went to his place and made him aware about our love. I see him in my dreams. I can feel his presence in my thoughts and heart. I cannot deny that I don’t have enough courage to move on. I still cry at night thinking about him. I have become practical but there’s a part of me which doesn’t want to accept that he has gone. He will never be there for me again. I always supported him. I always loved him more than he loved me. I’ve lost that faith in believing someone else.

I am what I am, not what you want me to be. If I’m not what I am…then what would I be? We live life once and we love once. It’s never a second chance in love. I wish everything good for him.

I wish him to be happy always. May whatever the circumstances be, May he never sees a ray of sadness, May his world always be enlightened with happiness and ray of hope. I wish for him from the depth of my heart. He was the part of my family and he will always be. True Love never happens again. He lied to me that he was getting married when he broke up with me. Today, he’s Happily- Married. God, I pray to you, if he ever comes across any problem then please send that problem to me. He’s your best child and never breaks him the way you broke me. It hurts and I have realized that it was meant for me to

happen this way....



Title:- We will live love but not together

Hello mera naam sapna hai aur jis insaan se mene aur jis insaan ne mujhse pyar kiya uska naam aditya hai i was born in uk and brought up in india. I was from joint family then in June 2006 we came to uk because my brother has to study as i was aparted from india i was feeling depressed and one of my frnds told me to go on internet and go to chatting room so i went to indiafm chatting room and there the one first person i talked to with name i_love_someone_very_deeply and was the last

person to talk with i was so surprised with him his attitude towards life and about everything his love about not to only his family but for everyone who are around i was slowly slowly getting attracted towards him ..but in mean while i came to know that he loves a girl name soha from pakistan but we were still freinds he used to speak about soha i think 100 times and i used to listen to him ..but as she was frm pakistan and he was from india so thsi relation didnt grew but adit told me like in between that he likes me the way he talks to me it always surprises me that he loves me but i always use to say it just your love who want to hear that well soha was gone we were very very good frnds i dont think so people who have never seen each other just chatted with each other for 1 year they can feel their pain and we were them people ...suddenly one day on 13th of feburary he could not speak to me because he has to go home i said to him he shoud'nt intrupt our friendship he said no i cant ..i knew the reason that he loves me but he dont want to say me because he told me about soha ..but anyhow i made him speak that and he said to me I Love You and these three words changed my life ..i was like in some other world and all of you cant believe up to what extent we loved each other we havent seen each other till today ...then he passed his graduation and i have told my parents about him they were like yes as well no as well dad was just concerned about my happiness he just said to me i just want you to be happy i will go and meet that boy but only on one condition he has to proove himself he has to be on very good job or buisness what he wants to do because my dad was a doctor and even my brothers so its obvious they want son in law like that and i am the only girl in my family and this made it more sophisticated ...but God wanted something else my dad passed away in Feburary 2009 and adits dad had cancer so i cant go back to india by leaving my mum and he cant come to uk by leaving his family..but we have decided to seprate from each other because we can do everything for our parents ..and love is only getting it what i have got from adit i dont think so anybody has got it ..Even i havent seen him till today but i still love him madly and i know he loves me too we will live apart with each other hearts in one soul but different bodies. love you loads and miss you loads sapna and also adit your sapna is on her way for her rights and

duties towards her parents and i will do it ..even

you dont forget to do that don’t let ur love to lose

we will be living apart but breathing from one soul love you loads always..



Title: Natalie & Clayton's Story

Clayton and I met via AOL Instant messenger back in 2006. We were friends for a good year before we became a couple back in early April 2007.We finally met in person in August 2008.Neither of us were expecting to fall in love online, but yet here we are telling you our story. This is the story of our first meeting.It was an early morning of August 6th, a sharp ringing woke me up; I stumbled for the phone on my nightstand. “Hello” I answered in my sleepy

voice “Hi baby time to get up and catch a plane” I

smiled and woke up slowly, knowing that soon I

would be in the arms of someone I loved so much.I said goodnight to Clayton, and got ready for the long journey ahead of me. My sister Sarah was picking me up along with my mother. I’d never flown before, and this was such a major step for me to take. Flying half way across the world, on my own to meet someone I’d never met before. And what made it worse was that I had to change flights in Copenhagen, I was taking a big risk. But I knew I’d be all right somehow I just knew everything would be ok. Although the other part of me was literally terrified, scared that Clayton wouldn’t like me once we met and vice versa too.After a 2hr drive with my mother and sister we got to Birmingham Airport. With mixed emotions I checked my luggage in.I looked down at my watch, 10am less than an hour and I’d be flying. I sat in the cafeteria with luke-warm coffee, I looked over at my mother,who was watching the planes take off. The look in her

eyes told me that she was so excited for me. And

from that moment I knew this wasn’t a dream, I

was actually going to be boarding my first flight in 45mins. A tear started to roll down my cheek, I felt scared and alone. I cried even harder as I leaned over and hugged my mother tightly.
“I don’t want to go now.” I sobbed. My sister smiled
at my mother and said “I thought you’d be in tears before her” I wiped my wet eyes and took a deep breath my mother said. “Look you can do this, you’ve been looking forward to this for so long. It’s a chance of a life time to go to the States, you’ll be fine.” I smiled and hugged her tightly, tears from my mother started to fall, but yet she didn’t realize that what she had just said made me feel warm and happy inside. Finally my flight was called; I slowly walked over to the boarding area. I hugged my mother and sister. And gave my passport and ticket to the man standing there, I turned round and waved goodbye for the last time. Tears swelled my eyes again as I walked through to check my hand luggage. I walked down the corridor into the

boarding lounge. I handed my passport and ticket, and I walked down the long tunnel and onto my first plane, bound for Copenhagen. I sat there with my seatbelt fastened I watched the ground slowly disappear, and then quickly replaced with sky and fluffy white clouds, it was amazing. I arrived in Copenhagen a little lost, but somewhat excited. I found my next flight easy, so much easier than I thought it would be. In fact I got there an hour earlier than I was suppose too. Time went by and I handed my passport and ticket to be checked, I walked onto my second flight bound for Seattle. A 10hr flight later and I walked off into Customs, the line was long, and I slowly walked over to a booth where my passport was stamped. Yaay I had a stamp on my passport! I slowly boarded a Transit Train, which took me to collect my luggage;I didn’t know where to go from there so I stood still I noticed everyone going up the escalator in front of me.

I walked a little to the escalator and I saw a

familiar face, Clayton was standing right at the top. I walked on and watched Clayton move towards me, as the stairs moved to the top.

I smiled and tried to speak but I couldn’t my mouth was so dry and I was so tired. He handed me a single red rose and I smiled, as I smelled the flower. “Mmm, thank you it’s beautiful.”He caressed my cheek and said “No you're beautiful come here I need a hug.” He wrapped his arms around me tightly, and tingles ran through my whole body I smiled, as we held each other for a good ten minutes it was perfect. Finally I was with the guy I had fallen in love with, he raised my chin and kissed me deeply. As we kissed, our first kiss, I knew that things were just as they should be. We collected my luggage and walked back to his car, the atmosphere between us was amazing I couldn’t stop giggling and he couldn’t stop holding my hand. All my fears I had at the very beginning had vanished. I know Clayton loves me for me and I love him for him. I wouldn’t have it any other way.The whole 2wks were the best of my life every day was perfect, he made everyday all the more special. Especially the day when we went on a Cruise to Victoria Canada, he proposed with a gorgeous engagement ring, and I accepted. I know Clayton is the one I am truly meant to be with and share my life with to the full; it’s funny how it all started over an Internet 4 years ago. We were married 6 July 2010.



Title: Marriages Are Made In Heaven.


This is the story of my from the age of 18 years ,to now, In our culture , the parents always had arranged marriages for their children, but I was just a rebel in that case , I never listened to my parents I always wanted what I want, and that’s how I learnt the hard way , I just finished school, and there goes my dad, asking people at social functions to arrange a boy for me That used to irritate the hell out of me, so I just wanted to get out from that environment, so I started looking for my own choice, And that’s when I got fooled, I worked for a Collections Agency and I used to call upon clients to get their money arrangements for their accounts, When I called this one guy ,he was the Manager of the person who I was trying to get hold off, and he sounded charming, adorable, everything a girl  wants his name was Kelvin, he had a great job, and when he sent me his photo he looked fabulous as well, So we started meeting each other and got to know each quite well, it was as if I loved him so much to an extent that I lied to my family  he wasn’t my religion, he was the opposition, and that just thrilled me, We started bunking work and spending time together at the beach, When my dad comes with news that there`s someone interested in me and that he is coming to see me, so I  informed Kelvin about it, and he said that he would come home and visit my family and arrange for us to get married, so I was the happiest of all, I told my dad about my relationship with Kelvin, and he was utterly disgusted, he nearly have a heart attack.

What was I to do, I loved my parents but I also

loved Kelvin, So with due time, my dad has

accepted Kelvin, and asked that he come to visit,

Since we stayed like oceans apart , so he had to

stay at a hotel when he came down, He came home and although my parents didn’t like him, they accepted him to make me happy,But my mum did tell me, that ` sweetie, u know we love u , and we want u to be happy and if he makes u happy then we will accept him but we do not approve of him; And so with that confirmed , I was on top of the world when Kelvin`s parents called me to their house, and said that it wasn’t realistic that we lived far apart , how would we get to know each other. So once again, my parents lowered their dignity and sent me to their place so that me and Kelvin could get to know each other better, Oh I was excited just happy to be with the one I loved. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my nightmare. Yeah at first he was loving, kind,caring,but then, He would drink alcohol in public and pick a fight with me, sometimes he would even slap me in front of his parents.Then his mum would pass rude hints that im so ugly, fat & what did her son see in me, Every night that I was there, I would cry myself to sleep, Who could I tell my problems, I have already put my parents through hell, I had no dignity to go back home, So this treatment had continued for a long time, until one night, I remember it as though it was yesterday, We went out for a movie and dinner,and then we stopped at a bar for drinks, and he had , had more than enough , when he started a fight with his cousins who accompanied us, and while fighting I was hit with a leather chair on my head ,and had to go to hospital, Because I was getting the rough end from both ends, my lover and his parents , I went to visit my brother who lived there as well, I blurted out everything, what I have endured in his home, in front of him, and that made him so angry , that we fought so badly that night that I thought it would be over, Anyway the next day I went to work and he went on his way. Fighting every second that we were together, That day I just felt ill, and miserable I could call home and tell my mum , that I have made a mistake and please forgive me, But when I went to Kelvin`s home that night, I have just sat for dinner, when he slaps me, and tells me to get out of his house, Next moment , his mum, his sister and his dad, were throwing my stuff out on the roads, It was 10pm, who would help me, I pleaded to him, please babe don’t do this to me,I would change for u , I love u `But he never listened to a word that I told him, he just pushed me around, He called my parents and told them to come and fetch me, as its OVER, How could my parents come, as it would take them two days to get to me, I called my work collegues to please

help me, but nobody wanted to help me, they said we don’t want to get involved The last resort was my brother, he came and fetched me at 1am in the morning, as I sat there on the roadside, with no money, nowhere to go,When my brother came he was furious , he called me a slut, tramp, That night when I reached his house, his wife had also told me a lot of things , I just wanted to end it I hated myself, I took out a bottle of painkillers

and I had almost the entire bottle,when my brother came in, and saw that I was semi-unconscious, he rushed me to the hospital , I just wanted to die, And then when I regained conscious , I was very ashamed,I apologized to my family , and most of all my mum, All my mum said that she was the happiest of all, that it ended, as she didn’t want to see me in hell for the rest of my life, Therafter I stayed at my brothers house for 5 months, as I had a good job, and a career along the way , so they gave me refuge for that time, In which every night my sister-in-law would comfort me But they took care of me, which im forever greatful, as they helped me in my time of need , Then in due time, I got an apartment,and started my small life …. Not

hearing anything from Kelvin, made me sad , but at the same time strong and happy knowing that I didn’t ruin my life with him .During that time, my dad had met an accident and he had broken his hand, and my mum being semi-blind, never worked in her life, so I asked them to move in with me, whereby I would take care of them.And so they did, it was great having them with me, they loved me and I love them,We all would go out together have fun together,and we were once again, our happy family , 3 years has passed and I haven’t had a relationship. I was too scared and I didn’t want to get hurt again, And then one night as I was playing with my cellphone, I thought to myself that I need to get out meet people fall in love,(it wasn’t so bad since my mum started giving me courage to meet guys again) I registered in a dating programme, And this guy had seen my profile and sent me an sms, I started to reply to him and we started chatting , he was the most caring,wonderful guy u could ever get , And the best part was he not once was forward with me , or rude, ..And this went on for 6 months I had told him everything about me, and he has accepted me for who I am, I could tell him anything and everything,he never judged people or myself, he was always there when I needed him. I give my life for him as he showed me what true love is Then this time I told my parents about him , and they were happy

as he was my same religion .I decided to meet him first so we all went to a theme park, my parents and I  And I asked him to come there and meet me He came and he was the most wonderful i ever met And he didn’t want to hide from my parents , he went up to them,greeted them and asked if he could date me, And then within three months he proposed to me, he brought his mum and sisters home to meet me, and they were all so happy including my parents, but I was afraid that he would ask my parents to move out, but all he said waz they r my parents as well, they can live with us forever` 6 months later , we got engaged, Thereafter we got married, and up till today,he is caring, loving, romantic, handsome guy that I finallyfell in love with, he doesn’t even raise his voice let alone his hands on me, All I can see in his eyes is love for me, and I LOVE HIM UNCONDITIONALLY. I m happy now with the man of my dreams, he was there even though I could not see it Yeah marriages has its ups and downs, but communication is everything, and he is my everything And when the marriages are made in heaven , it sure does.